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The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy conditions of our "Software Product" is a legal agreement between the client (an individual or a legal entity) and iProScript.com Software.

iProScript.com packages are called "Software Product" here. iProScript.com holds copyright to the "Software Product". The "Software Product" is licensed, not sold.




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Users may be required to provide subsequent demographic information in order to qualify for other promotions.

A “cookie” is a small data file that may be saved to and stored on your computer when you visit a website or similar technology or open an email. Cookies permit a website or similar technology operator to “remember” whether your computer has visited the website, tool or service before and helps the operator create a more personalized experience for you and records activities taken by you, such as offers completed. (In all cases in this Privacy Policy, the word “computer” includes all forms and styles of computing technologies including but not limited to desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet devices, smart-phones, other mobile or wearable computing technology.)

To participate in certain activities or to enjoy certain functionalities, you must also agree to and permit certain tracking and automated information collection practices as described in this Privacy Policy.

Enquiries or concerns about the iProScript privacy policy can be directed to our support.


iProScript.com hereby concedes you a single, non-exclusive, non-transferable permission to use one copy of the "Software Product" in accordance with the terms and conditions. Any rights not expressly granted are reserved. This license authorizes you to install and use a single copy of the "Software Product" on a single domain name or IP address. If you install additional copies, even if such additional copies are located on the same domain and/or the same IP, such usage is prohibited unless additional licenses are purchased.

This license prohibits selling, licensing, giving away, or otherwise distributing the source code for any of the scripts contained in "Software Product", either in full or any subpart thereof or any how modified. Nor may you use this source code, in full or any subpart thereof, as part of another program that you either sell, license, give away, or otherwise distribute via any method. You may modify the source code to customize the "look and feel" and functionality of the "Software Product" for your personal usage on the licensed installation only. Unless developer licence holder other licence holder would be having the encoded source version with some previlages granted on special permission by the admin or authorised person.


Except as noted below, all title and intellectual property rights in and to the "Software Product" (including but not limited to any source code, images, photographs, animations, and text incorporated into the "Software Product"), the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of the "Software Product", are owned by iProScript.com. You may not copy the printed materials accompanying the "Software Product". Any customization, translation, modification, or revision of the source code of the "Software Product" does not contain right to selling, licensing, giving away, or otherwise distributing such source code either in full or any subpart thereof. The creation of derivative works based on or through the use of the source code of the "Software Product" is prohibited. All title and intellectual property rights in and to the content which may be accessed through use of the "Software Product" is the property of the respective content owner. Using such content is prohibited. All rights not expressly granted under these terms and conditions are reserved by iProScript.com.


All purchased items are non-refundable as they are instantly delivered upon purchase. We document records of all orders, transactions and ip addresses. We also make the terms of service visible within every page of the website. You also agreed to these terms upon registering and everytime you login to the site as shown; register page and within the login page.

In case user opens dispute against iProScript for a purchased item, it will lead to immediate account suspension and your ip being banned on the server.

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